by Rider Size

The Ghost saddle is not designed to the typical American/British units of inches. They use cm in Italy, plus the seat sizes are really labeled Standard, Piccolo, and Bambino.

I use inches on my site because that's more commonly used in the US. The Piccolo is very close to a typical 17" seat, with the straight blocks feeling a little smaller. The Bambino is very close to 16", maybe a touch larger. The Standard is closer to 18.25" so will feel large for someone who wants a 17.5".

To accomodate in-between sizes, we have seat reducers. Ghost makes a cushy one that velcros under the seat at the cantle and it reduces the seat by roughly 3/4". I also carry spacers I make from wool felt. They are 1/4" and 1/2" and can be used alone or together to reduce seat size in 1/4" increments. This is great for kids who will grow over time or riders whose weight fluctuates throughout the year.

My seat sizes are based upon english seats, if you're coming from a western saddle, subtract 2".

If you're unsure what size to go with, email me and we can look at pics or discuss measurements. The thigh blocks are a limiting factor, so a thigh circumference measurement can be helpful. Measure the upper, fullest part of the thigh when standing, this will correspond to the available space from the cantle to the top of the thigh block. In general, Ghost is fairly conservative regarding rider weights. The latest base and panels do an excellent job of ensuring spine clearance for riders up to 200 pounds, but I think this is the high limit and rider balance and activity should be considered before choosing treeless. A balanced rider doing casual trail rides, particularly on a gaited horse, will distribute weight more evenly than an inexperienced rider trotting in 2-point or posting all day for an endurance ride. I consider 185 pounds to be the high for endurance riders, preferably 175 or under. 

This table is purely from the perspective of the room available for your thigh behind the thigh block. It is still best to choose a model based upon the angle between your torso and thigh. If you have a longer thigh, the angled blocks can work better unless you ride with a really straight leg.

Thigh circumference 


23 or less

17" Roma/Quilty

24 or less

17" Veneto/Quevis


18" Roma/Quilty


18" Veneto/Quevis

The adjustable block models have a lot more room for error. Otherwise, the seats are the same from model to model. You might see pics that indicate one model has a deeper seat, but either that saddle has been ridden in on a horse with a curvier back or seat reducers and pommel bolsters are in place which make the seat deeper. If you have a very flat backed horse, the saddle will likely feel like the seat is less deep, but the pommel bolster can help as well as narrowing the twist even further.